QHow much do you charge for your face painting services and fantasy makeup services?
It is important to know how many faces or guests will be at your event or party because the amount of faces that need to be painted, determines the amount of time you’ll need which determines the price. Our face painters can paint approximately 15 faces per hour. If there are up to 15 faces, you’ll need 1 hour which is $160, if you have up to 20 faces, you will need 1.5 hours, which is $215 and if you have up to 30 faces you will need 2 hours which is $270.
QDo you require a Deposit to book a face painter or fantasy makeup artist?
Yes. When booking any of our entertainers, we require a deposit for each entertainer you book that ranges anywhere from $40-$100 depending on the amount of time you've booked. We will send you an invoice through square to your email and it will walk you through paying with your card. If you would like to mail a check, you can do that too! 
QDoes your face painter or fantasy makeup artist offer any other services?
Yes. If you’d like to book a face painter that will dress up like a character or match your theme, let us know! We charge an additional $40 to dress up for your party but we love doing it and matching the theme of your party really takes it up a notch! The artists that dress in character have theatrical background and play the part too! Currently we have female face painters that can dress up as Wonder Woman for superhero parties, a Minnie Mouse for Mickey mouse parties, a circus character great for carnival parties, a cowgirl fir wild west parties, the cat in the hat for Dr. Seuss parties and a cutsey clown that resembles a Raggity Ann doll. The face painter that dresses up in costume for birthday parties and corporate events can also play games with the kids, juggle, do magic, read stores and lasso! Let us know what you have in mind for your party and we will do everything we can to bring the fun and entertainment to your guests!
QDo you bring a display board that show your face painting and fantasy makeup designs?
Yes! We are very proud of our large display board that displays pictures of the face painting designs that your guests get to choose from. We always let your guests know that they can customize the designs by picking their own colors and if they have a request that is not on our board, we will gladly oblige. You will notice that our face painting and fantasy makeup design board has a mixture of full face designs, mask designs and very few cheek art designs. There are also a few examples for body painting in appropriate areas like on the arm or painted-on-necklaces for guests that do not want the face painting designs on their faces.
QWill you create a display board of face painting designs that are specific to the theme of my event or party?
For a small additional cost, we can create a display board that is specific to your theme. For example, if you are having a Frozen Themed party and you only want Frozen themed face painting designs, we can do that or if you are having a superhero party and want only superhero face painting masks and designs, we can do that too. Just keep in mind that sometimes it is hard to make children choose from such a small selections and usually it works out much better to allow them to pick whatever their heart desires. I once was hired for a pirate themed party and created an extra board of just girl and boy pirate designs but not ONE child picked a pirate because they liked the other designs too much. The real reason I am there is to make the kids happy so letting them be whatever they want, is the better way!
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